Sunday, July 15, 2007

Darth Doom

  • Roughly half my action figure purchases lately are Spider-Man related. I really don't need a reason to buy anymore. I felt vindicated when the 6" Marvel Legends Spidey figures ended up looking like plastic turds. However there's a larger scale 8" series of figures just starting to hit. I'm going to have to at least get this sweet looking Venom. To make matters worse that there is news of 10" rotocast figures as well. My wallet weeps. And I still need a 5" black suited Spidey which has eluded me twice this last week alone.
  • The first DVD volume of the third season of Avatar the Last Airbender has been solicited for October 30th. The odd thing is there's still no news on when season three premieres on television. Presumably it'll happen sometime in September, August if we're lucky. Check out that image though. Aang has hair! There's also some news on the in-development live action big screen adaptation by M. Night Shyamlan. Not sure how I feel about that.

  • Great image or greatest image ever?
  • I watched Minority Report on TV today. I hadn't seen it in awhile. It's an extremely well made movie. Plus it features the most grounded and believable depiction of a futuristic city I've ever seen. Basically there's ads everywhere and they're annoying as hell. Embrace the future folks. One thing that irks me is the title. The "minority report" in question actually turns out to be a red herring, and therefore insignifcant in the long run. Maybe it was meant to be intentionally misleading.

  • Here's the first trailer for the Rebuild of Evangelion series of films. The first film appears to be a remake of the first six or so episodes of the original TV series. There's really no new content that I could see but it sure looks pretty.

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Awesome Hamilton, totally awesome!