Friday, July 6, 2007

Halo There

  • This is not my creation but I feel it must be shared.
  • On a related note unpainted prototypes have shown up of McFarland's upcoming Halo 3 action figures. They don't arrive until next Spring but they're looking nice. Check them out.

  • I've yet to be bothered by the influx of nostalgia films seeing as how the properties chosen tend to be ones that lack any kind of lure over me, save for Transformers. However I feel this trend is about to take a turn for the worse. This image horrifies me in ways I should be ashamed to admit. By the way Penny Arcade spoofs the phenomenon very well.

  • Great image or greatest image ever?
  • For all intents and purposes this is just another Venom action figure and it's maginally different from one I aready own so thereore I want it.

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From that person you know said...

Ah very nice stuff. And that person is mister chief.