Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hanging with Homer

  • I always thought sword replicas were cool. Personally I always wanted Lion-O's Sword of Omens. Check out this replica of Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. It's no Thundercats sword but it's still impressive.
  • USA Today is having a poll about which Transformer you want to see in the eventual movie sequel. As of this writing Soundwave is winning the vote. No surprise there. I myself voted for ├╝ber badass Decepticon Shockwave. I would have voted for Arcee if she was an option, and I'm a bit ticked that she's not. It's a great list besides that; Grimlock, Jetfire, Ultra Magnus, Devastator, Ravage. Frankly I'd love to see any of these characters on the big screen. Except Mirage. I don't get why he's popular, but I don't understand the popularity of NASCAR either. Go and vote!
  • 300 will be released on DVD on July 31st. In terms of store exclusives, Target will have a DVD-ROM that will allow you to download the movie to your PC. Why you can't just put the DVD in your PC I don't know. Circuit City will have a set of collector cards. Unfortunately it seems they come packaged in the single disc edition and not the double disc edition. I've seen ads at f.y.e. advertising a bonus disc, and so far that's the most tempting incentive. Best Buy Canada has a mini Spartan helmet replica for pre-order and it's confirmed Best Buy U.S. will have it too. Updated 7/25/07

  • Here's a few more Kwik-E-Mart pics.

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And I, being someone who knows this person, like to add F.Y.E. also has the cheapest 300 2 disk dvd set. (after rebates) Check out the link: