Sunday, July 22, 2007

I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

  • Funimation has announced their first Blu-Ray title, and it's a double feature of Dragonball Z Broly movies. Exactly which movies they're releasing is unknown but I'm betting they're excluding Bio-Broly. This is about only the third anime title to receive an HD release and the first with any kind of mainstream appeal. DBZ may be Funi's cash cow but it's a strange choice nonetheless. I dig the idea of doubling up on the content, but frankly given past experience I expect Funi's remaster to look like crap. I also wonder what aspect ratio they'll be using. Despite being animated in fullscreen Funi could get away with releasing the movies in widescreen since that's how it was exhibited in Japanese theatres way back when.

  • I'm really looking forward to this flick. Robert Downey is a great actor and it looks like the filmmakers have a great sense of Iron Man's aesthetic. In 2008 you will believe a billionaire alcoholic industrialist can use his repulsor ray. (Clearly Paramount needs my marketing genius.)

  • Feeling depressed? Angry at the world? Hate liberals? Well WKTT Radio is for you! Rockstar has launched an official website for a mock conservative radio station where ordinary people can call in and "complain" about America and its problems. A lucky few will then be selected to have their voice recording be used in Grand Theft Auto IV.

  • If this Star Wars Battlefront II themed boxset had come out two years ago, when the game was released I would have been all over it like a geek on Star Wars action figures. (I should really make my metaphors less literal.) Now it seems too little too late. All I really want is the jetpack Clone Trooper and that's because he has a green visor. Green visors are neat.

  • Remember that pic of the yet to be released battle damaged Jazz I posted in a previous blog entry? Well now that I've seen the movie I have to say it's not nearly as impressive as it could have been. Lately I've seen a whole lot of repaints and modifications of the Transformers movie toys, but this custom battle damaged Jazz really takes the cake.

  • It's time to find new jobs now theologians. Here's indisputable proof that there is no God. However the upcoming sequel proves there is in fact a Satan. And his name is Uwe Boll.

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