Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nixon's back!

  • I know in the short time I've had this blog I've already used it to geek out about random Venom merchandise on multiple occasions. What can I say? He's my favorite character and this was a big year for him. I'll try to cut back but I felt this role play set must be addressed. It's very similar to a set Toy Biz made back in the day that I really wanted as a kid. That set however had a chestplate and a far less intimidating web-shooter.
  • In other Venom news...sigh
  • Great image or greatest image ever?
  • Here's the first full color glimpse of the The Simpsons Movie Burger King talking toys. The lineup includes a half naked Bart, new movie character Russ Cargill, and a gold colored chase variant of Homer who's apparently holding a cowboy hat of some kind. The promotion starts July 23rd and unfortunately it won't include Krusty Burgers and Ribwiches, but you can by Butterfinger pie.
  • Entertainment Earth has an exclusive Star Wars Mandalorian warrior themed multipack for preorder. There will be a whopping fourteen figures in the set and six have been revealed so far including a pair of male Mandalorian warriors and the first female one, plus a black Republic Commando and two Clone Troopers. It's kinda neat waiting for the next figure to be revealed. I'm expecting at least one Fett to be included in the set.

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