Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

  • One movie I regret missing in theatres is 28 Weeks Later, the zombie infested sequel to 28 Days Later. Well now it has been announced to be released on DVD on October 9th. I'm not crazy about the cover artwork. It's simply is a zoomed-out version of the cool looking poster but for some reason seeing the woman's ears and neck makes it less effective. I know how odd that sounds but decide for yourself.
  • E3 is happening as I type this. This is a year of big change for E3. It's more closed off from public spectacle and it's happening in the middle of the Summer as opposed to early Spring. It just started so there's not a lot of news to speak of. So far Sega has the most interesting tidbits with new games based on Bleach and Iron Man plus Mario & Sonic which is an Olympic style game and sadly not a Smash Bros. style beat-em'-up. Also their long since dormant series Nights is making a return, this time to the Wii.
  • Why does Kentucky Fried Chicken use "Sweet Home Alabama" in their commercials? Alabama isn't Kentucky. Was the Colonel a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan?
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles will be released on DVD on October 23rd. Never watched much of he series myself, but I hear there were some good episodes including a cameo by Harrison Ford as older Indy. In other old Indy news, it's been reported that Indiana Jones 4 will have no CGI effects in keeping true with the series' B-movie roots. Sounds promising.

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