Friday, July 6, 2007

Puma Who

  • The new season of Doctor Who started today on the Sci-Fi Channel. I have to say Doctor Who is my current favorite TV series so I'm quite glad to watch new episodes again. It's science fiction with a sense of whimsy which is all too rare these days. I also enjoy the show's healthy dose of British quirkiness. I'm not sure what to think of The Doctor's newest companion. Oh sure she's smart, not to mention attractive but how do you follow Billie Piper?
  • As I type this the original Robocop is airing on the former local UPN affiliate. As cool as that may be it's not nearly as awesome as the time I caught it on Turner Classic Movies. Nothing tops unedited R rated movies on basic cable. Robocop, for the uninitiated is a f**king masterpiece of a movie.
  • It's been more or less confirmed that the Playstation 3 will receive it's first price drop bringing the system's price to about $500 which at the very least is a better deal than $600. Oddly enough the news was broken by forum member "speedy1961" at DVD Talk. For some reason or another he gets the weekly circulars for a few major retailers weeks beforehand. He always posts the info on the forum as a service to grateful people like myself. So it's surreal to see his info being picked up by various news outlets.
  • This might be the PS3's best chance to overtake the X-Box 360. It hasn't been looking good for the expensive console as they've lost a number of series that were once exclusive to them. Plus let's not forget the last time people held out for a Sony system because of a Metal Gear Solid game, they were largely disappointed. Still Microsoft's current issues with the "red ring of doom" might do enough damage to give Sony a decent opportunity. Although Microsoft's most recent announcement should avail some of their issues, but at a notable expense. I think Microsoft can afford it though.
  • A trailer for J.J. Abrams' new movie is causing quite a buzz. It appears to be handheld footage of a party that is interrupted by some sort of chaos and we see the head of the Statue of Liberty roll down the street. The film doesn't have a known title yet but it's code name is Cloverfield. The trailer hasn't been officially released online yet and the studio is being very quick to have it removed from any website including the poor quality recording I viewed. There is an official site up named after the film's release date of 1-18-08.
  • I haven't been enthralled with Star Wars Transformers as of yet but this Death Star - Darth Vader is unquestionably the jewel of the collection. I bet he could take on Unicron.
  • I'm about the biggest ├╝ber Spider-Man nerd you could find but even I barely know who Puma is. It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have to buy him to get Venom.

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