Monday, August 20, 2007

I mean now. Seriously.

  • I recently played some Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo Wii. I demand Toadette plushies. Now.
  • I'm always amazed at how Hasbro finds new ways of selling Star Wars characters that have been one to death. Jedi Defender has a sneak peek at upcoming Battle packs that include figures such as Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers with grass stains. This one is really interesting. I always knew that Luke's pilot outfit on Hoth was different than his usual one. I never realized how different until now. The top looks like a parka which makes sense for his environment. Also the shade of orange is different from his pants which is movie accurate.
  • Paramount and Dreamworks after having been format neutral is now exclusive to HD-DVD. Expect the now officially out of print Paramount Blu-Ray discs to become collectors' items. So speculators start hoarding copies of Nacho-Libre for eBay. Oddly enough this deal doesn't cover Steven Spielberg's films which will remain format neutral. I'd love to learn the story behind that. At the very least this will hopefully mean certain cinematic gems in Paramount's library will finally be made available in hi-def.

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