Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A miserable little pile of secrets!

I've been on a Castlevania kick as of late. I admit I haven't played very many Castlevania games but I love the hell out of the PS1 classic Symphony of the Night. I'm a big fan of action side scrollers and SotN is one of the best ever made. The game's hero is Alucard whose name is an anagram of his famous father. The various bad guys are well done interpretations of classic monsters. The music is fantastic and operatic but still recognizably video gameish. I love the game's gothic atmosphere. I also dig the excessively haughty dialogue and the voice actors' theatrical delivery.

The first battle is actually the final boss fight of the previous gamein the series. You play as Richter Belmont in his fight against Dracula. This leads into the cinematic introduction and finally Symphony of the Night's main hero Alucard.

Here's the boss battle with the Succubus who attempts to trick Alucard into thinking she's his mother. If you know anything about Succubuses and how they normally attack than you would know appearing as their potential victim's mother is really creepy. The Succubus' voice actress makes some uh, interesting choices. Kill them and bring them happiness!

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