Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pan the Goat God

  • Did anyone else watch last night's Colbert Report? British billionaire Richard Branson threw a cup of water in Colbert's face. Then Colbert does the same to Branson. Then they just sat there wet and mugging for the camera. It was awkward. Branson was upset because he felt they didn't plug his airline and instead Colbert asked him the typical silly qustions. Branson looked uncomfortable during the whole thing and you can tell he was feigning his good natured demeanor. Colbert played it off well and they filmed a new introduction that "prepares" you for the showdown. It was still hard to watch.

  • Seinfeld is the latest TV series to receive a complete DVD boxset. One of the extras is a coffee table book. No it's not about coffee tables. It's abut the show. If we're lucky it will at least turn into a coffee table.

  • How cool is this? "I'll drive and you shoot." The tow truck is actually an official Transformer named Longarm. The duo will even be available in a twin pack. This does however heighten my expectations of the line. If they can make the tow truck then they can make the Mountain Dew machine.

  • The other day I was floored to see a commercial for Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series on Toon Disney, of all places. Let me explain. These two series were produced by Warner Bros and aired on Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Warner Bros and Turner (as well as DC Comics, the company that owns the characters) are owned by the same parent company, Time Warner. Despite this they are considered different entities. Warner Bros licensed the series out in a syndication package and Disney picked them up. It's as simple as that, but it still feels really strange. Nowadays the corporations are so insular that the common practice is to bury a show rather than let it air on a rival network.

  • My little sister has summer reading to do and I've ended up reading a few portions of the book aloud to her. I have mixed feelings about these experiences. I know it's good and I'm being so-called nice brother although I question how well she's actually listening. I'm always left with a sore throat which is probably because I pepper my readings with a lot of different voices and wacky accents. I try not to do it but I can't seem to control it. There's something seriously wrong with me. Afterwards she just asked random questions as children are prone to do. I'm amazed at her memory of certain things. She's definitely the smart one. An odd thing happened though. She asked about the "green guy" from Star Wars and the first thing that popped in my head was Boss Nass. Of course she was asking about Yoda, the much more obvious answer. There's something seriously wrong with me.

  • Speaking of Star Wars what thing I like about the series is that there is always something new to learn. For example, I just read that Lucas said female Stormtroopers exist. He said this in 1977 yet I've never seen one before. Say what you want about the Empire but at least they don't discriminate against gender.

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