Friday, August 31, 2007

Spider Skull Island

  • I was recently the recipient of these gifts from south of the border. The skull creeps me out. I'm thinking of using it as a pencil holder but I have no pencils. I never understood why Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead. It's probably the weakest of Romero's series of zombie movies. As for black costume Spidey, well he is made of ceramic awesomeness.
  • Power Cosmic Edition? Well it is kind of neat that they made such a reference to a concept straight from the comics. The artwork is cool too but where are the Four themselves?
  • What's wrong with Raphael's face? Is he supposed to be smiling or snarling? He looks like he suffered a stork and lost feeling in half of his face. Or maybe this is his particularly lazy take on Two-Face.
  • Andross the giant disembodied head and archenemy of Star Fox will be in Super Smash Bros. Melee as an assist character. Interestingly they went with his early primitive SNES look rather than the ape face most of us remember. Irregardess Wario looks like he's in a whole lot of pain.

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