Friday, August 3, 2007

Spins a Web Any Size

Well the day I've been waiting for has final come. Spider-Man 3 has been solicited for DVD. On October 30th Spider-Man 3 will be available on single disc DVD, two disc Special Edition DVD, two disc Blu-Ray, and a five disc movie trilogy box set. I'm a bit ticked that Sony is jumping on the bandwagon of releasing separate single disc and double disc releases. The previous Spider-Man movies were released only as double disc Special Editions. Plus at a SRP of $36.95 it's a good eight dollars more expensive than the $28.97 standard edition. The Blu-Rays are even more expensive at $49.95 for the individual movie and $98.95 for the box set. I'm glad I'm holding out from taking the HD plunge. So I'm sticking with the two disc DVD but I fear the many eventual in-store exclusives. Those will be the death of me.

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