Thursday, September 6, 2007


I got to play some BioShock at a store recently. From what I could discern the game is really quite good but my pitifully weak skills clouded the situation a bit. For example I approached the "hacking" aspect of the game much the same way a person with no hands would try to play Jenga. Still I felt the essence of brilliance in those awkward minutes of gameplay. You don't even have to play to appreciate the game's unique art design. In an age of first person shooters where you roam endless generic corridors, BioShock is quite refreshing. It'll make you be afraid of fishbowls. I'd like to try out the full game but I don't have an X-Box 360. Not to mention at this point I'm not willing to buy the PC version.

If you haven't been keeping up with the BioShock controversy, here's the deal. Developer 2K Games is implementing restrictions to prevent piracy. To install the game you need to activate it over the internet and you can only use the registry key twice. Needless to say this brings up a lot of issues concerning fair use. One could imagine countless situations in which one would have to install the game more than twice for legitimate purposes. 2K Games are making arrangements to circumvent these problems in the future. However this does bring up a lot of concerns. What if this becomes a trend and all software becomes this restricted, all for the sake of corporate paranoia? Perhaps it's best to take a break from worrying about that for now and enjoy Big Daddy in his widescreen glory.

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