Friday, October 5, 2007


Okay unfortunately for me this is not my haul. This excellent collection of Halo merch belongs to a good friend. I'm just sharing these photos on his behalf. Included in all this is a copy of Halo 3 itself, two bottles of Game Fuel including one in a special edition aluminum bottle, the Halo edition Zune, a Slupee cup, and a replica of Master Chief's helmet and the ultra elaborate package it comes in. Full details are in the second photo which include captions. I am wallowing in envy.


Anonymous said...

who ever that is he is still the missing the halo novles comics and the first 2

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah forgot about that, i have the fall of reach, but its halo, i just mostly put halo 3 stuff.

radar said...

Blast it anonymous I don't know who is who.