Friday, October 5, 2007

Judging a DVD by its Cover

Let's take a gander at the artwork for some upcoming DVDs. You can't judge a book by its cover but these are DVDs so that doesn't matter.

It's not at all consistent with the previous Die Hard movies, but taken on its own it's pretty good. It's also much nicer than the single disc version.

The composition on this one is terrible. The characters' placement just seems so random. And shouldn't they be facing the opposite direction? Voldermort is totally going to attack them from behind.

The logo for this, the fifth or sixth release of The Princess Bride, is an ambigram. It looks the same if you flip it upside down. It's a really cool effect and helps makes the artwork really shine.

Eh, it's just so plain. The donut stain in the logo is a nice touch. Still I'm underwhelmed. It doesn't even get points for minimalism with Spider-Pig and the reviewer quote on the side.

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