Thursday, October 11, 2007


I think Transformers is going to beak a record for most store exclusives available when the DVD is released next Tuesday.

Albertsons: mouse pad

Best Buy: Cliffjumper and Optimus Prime Robot Heroes figures & Megatron lithograph. They'll also have metallic Ratchet and Megatron figures sold separately.

Blockbuster: Transformers MP3 player

Borders: booklet on the making of the movie

Circuit City: gift card for downloadable online content & baseball cap

Fred Meyer: t-shirt

Hastings: reversible beanie

Sears / K-Mart: LED flashlight

Target: Transforming Optimus Prime case & comic book

Transworld stores: steelbook case

Wal-Mart: Transformers Beginnings DVD narrated by Peter Cullen

I pity those who would attempt to collect them all. Even a supermarket chain is getting in on the action. Also I'm surprised the Optimus packaging (pictured above) is so big. It's taller than the action figures.

Update 10/12: Click here for pics of the Target, Circuit City, and Best Buy exclusives. Click here for pics of the Wal-Mart exclusive.

Update 10/15: More exclusives added.

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