Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Creatures Of The Night

I got the Castlevania figures in yesterday. I've been looking forward to these since they were first announced, and my anticipation manifested itself in interesting ways. I bought Alucard and the Succubus. Also in this series are Simon Belmont and Dracula, the latter I would have purchased if his face didn't look like he just took a stake to the groin. Although I've read a rumour that there's a closed mouth variant, so I might have to track that down now.

The Succubus isn't as pale as the prototype and has a more natural looking skin tone. This isn't really an issue for me but it's worth pointing out. The other thing is her wings are slightly translucent which I wasn't expecting so that's a nice surprise. My only slight quibble is that her head is set lower on her body than the prototype, obscuring the choker she wears on her neck.

Alucard pretty much looks exactly like the prototype. It has elbow articulation which I had never noticed before in the prototype shots. I have to hand it to NECA for trying to improve itself instead of becoming another McFarlane. Unfortunately my photographs don't really do Alucard justice. His skin tone looks darker than it really is and, maybe because of the angle of the shots, his nostrils look flared. I assure you that in person he looks like his lovely bishounen self.

Overall I'm very pleased with these. They might be my favourite figures of the year if for no other reason other than I've wanted Castlevania action figures for so long. I'm really hoping NECA announce a second series.

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