Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Deserve a Keroro Platoon Today

McDonalds of Japan will have sixty-six different Keroro Gunso (a.k.a. Sergeant Frog) keychains available in their Happy Meals. I am insanely jealous.

There will be several different versions of Keroro (pictured above), Giroro, Tamama, Kururu, and Dororo. You can collect the crew as business men, soccer players, unicycle riders and McDonald's employees. Assuming you live in Japan anyways.

I can take some solace in that ADV has finally solicited the first DVD volume after about a year. I'd rather have a keychain and McNuggets.

Meanwhile in the world of Dragonball Z, Atari has lost the video game license while Bandai America has acquired the action figure license. I just thought it was neat that these two news items happened at around the same time. Eh, I guess in the near future I'll be buying some action figures but not some video games.

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