Saturday, November 3, 2007

Strike and Roll Out

Effective midnight tonight the Writer's Guild of America will go on strike. This will have an immediate impact on shows that air on a daily or weekly basis like talk shows. In fact the strike seems to be timed to allow one last episode of SNL tonight. Sitcom and dramas will have a few more episodes in the can but certainly not enough to sustain the season. If the strike goes on long expect a lot of repeats. Not to mention more game shows and reality shows, which of course do use writers but they get away with it by calling what they do something else.

The strike will have less impact on movies but don't buy into the story that it will have no impact at all. The studios' 2008 schedule may already be far along but their 2009 schedule can still be futzed with. Case in point the Transformers sequel may not make its intended release date. I don't have a problem with this. It would have been worse to get a rushed script than a late one. Unfortunately the G.I. Joe movie seems to be coming along just fine. No amount of time can save that trainwreck.

Still if you need a Transformers fix in the near future you can always tune in to the upcoming new animated series on Cartoon Network. It's the cartooniest take on the Autobots and the Decepticons yet and is appropriately titled Transformers Animated.

And with the debut of new Transformers media, you know the toys aren't far behind.

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