Friday, November 9, 2007

Those Wonderful Toys

This commercial is lies. The Joker's face change was not that immediate. It took a few minutes. And after a few years his face turned into an off-color white. Or maybe it was always an off-color white and my memory is failing me.

I also had that Joker cycle. Joker drives a motorcycle with a giant effigy of his face emblazoned on the front. Plus the face shoots off as a weapon. For any other human being it would ridiculous but for the Joker it makes perfect sense. Although, in the movie Joker has his own cars, vans, and parade floats but not a motorcycle. Strange. That jet looks nothing like Batwing either. Does this mean the toy company was lazy or trying to be more creative?

You know, I have no idea what happened to that Joker cycle, and I'm pretty good at keeping track of my toys, even when I was a child. I would sure love to sit down with those toys again and enjoy a big bowl of cereal.


Anonymous said...

I remember having the batwing, looked nothing like th movie, still semi awesome, i also had the one that actually looked close to the movie one as well. That is one damn good advertising for cereal. As well as one of the best cereal boxes I've ever seen.

radar said...

I had the Batwing from Batman Forever. The only significant difference from the original one is the addition of Schumacher-esque neon blue markings. I mean it wasn't bad but it's not as cool as the sleeker all black version.

I also had the Bat-Ski-Boat from Batman Returns which is an odd vehicle. You'd think it's one of those designs the toy company made up, but no. There it is in the movie, ramming into the Penguin's duck.

Jonny said...

future image thing

also your video pictures are not working.

radar said...

Dude that image has been my desktop wallpaper since yesterday. :D

And what means this "video pictures"? You mean the YouTube vids? They're working fine for me. Did you try hitting your computer? That always works.

Jason said...

Awesome!! I would love to get my hands on the Batman figure that had the winch like device that came out of the belt. And I love the cloth capes.