Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chatwin Rocks The Dragon

Via this place. Spiky hair and an orange outfit. Well that's certainly Goku-ish, I suppose. Yeah. Moving on...

There have been quite a few casting updates since I last posted about this anticipated adaptation. Contrary to the misinformation I shared earlier, Emmy Rossum has been cast as Bulma. (Thanks again IGN.) In other, significantly cooler news Chow Yun Fat will play Master Roshi. If there's a scene of Chow Yun Fat inappropriately propositioning Ms. Rossum than the movie will be a success despite any other possible flaws.

Eriko Tamura will play Mai, Pilaf's henchwoman who is apparently being rewritten to be Piccolo's henchwoman, and Joon Park has been cast as Yamcha. Two U.S. produced live action movies based on popular anime series, both with roles for Korean pop singers, being released in the same year? The end of days is nigh upon us.

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Anonymous said...

And if you translate the web page into English, theres well a spoiler perhaps. It states that the car itself is a Dragonball. Hopefully thats a bad translation and bad translation through Spanish in the beginning because...whhhhaaattt???