Friday, January 25, 2008

Bits of Randomness

  • The pics in the last post were taken of a mural at a McDonalds I went to a long while back. Several months later I've decided to share the whimsy of McDonaldland with the word wide web. Sorry for the heavy glare on Mac Tonight.

  • After lord knows how many years I finally bought Endless Waltz thus completing the Gundam Wing saga. The DVD includes both the OAV and movie versions and I watched the movie as it was the version I had never seen before. There are a few added scenes and a different ending but what really stuck me was the new song. It sucks away all the energy at a crucial moment. That's what happens when you try to replace White Reflection.

  • Kara Thrace is an alcoholic and so is her merchandise.
  • I had a craving for Wienerschnitzel the other day. I didn't go but I did take a look at their website and it turns out there are three different locations all about two miles away from house. The one I'm most familiar with is almost four miles away.

  • I ended up finding the Hunter S. Thompson Tech Deck Dude at, of all places, Walgreens. While tempted, I didn't buy it. They also had a Hellboy inspired Dude who avoided copyright issues by being yellow instead of red. He even came with a little Lovecraftian squid creature. Walgreens also had Bandai's new Dragon Ball Z figures which is the first time I've ever seen 'em.

  • I accidentally rolled over the cord of my head phones with my desk chair and now I can only hear out of one side. This sucks.

  • Potato Head with Harrison Ford smirk is horrifying.

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