Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Long Time Coming

It's a turbulent time in the world of Region 1 anime DVDs. Geneon evaporated with little warning. Now there seems to be quite a bit of warning that ADV is in trouble. Faced with these unfortunate circumstances I've resolved to myself that I should focus on buying certain DVDs while they are still widely available. There is a lot of stuff I held off from buying for a long time. For whatever reason I kept passing on series I knew I wanted but I just always decided to just wait for another day. Well now it seems I shouldn't wait any longer. It isn't going to be easy as I have to make some hard choices. I can't have it all so I have to be happy with what I do get.

I am quite happy with my most recent purchases. As I mentioned last time I finally got around to truly completing Gundam Wing, the first anime series I started to collect on DVD. In fact the first volume was only the third DVD I ever bought. After I had the entire TV series I dawdled on picking up the final piece of the series, the OAV slash movie Endless Waltz. I also picked up the Serial Experiments Lain boxset. However I still plan on hanging on to my VHS recordings from when the series aired on Tech TV. I'm as nostalgic for the network as I am the series.

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