Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Toy Fair 2008 Highlights

Captain America's mighty chin! Hulk's tiny eyes! Doctor Doom's evil sneer! Who knew a metal mask could do that? Why isn't the Thing caricaturized? That's what he always looks like!

Evidence! This is bad comedy! Captain Yesterday! Speed's brother Rex who they think is dead! Ha ha! This guy is going to regret his career choice! Kingdom of the Crystal Skull playset looks suspiciously like Mustafar! Spoilerific Abomination! He looks more like a Resident Evil monster! Decent Nintendo figures! Finally! The Master Sword! Hey! Listen!


Jon said...

hey look at all of benders changeable.... eye plates?

Gabriel said...

It also looks like Abomination has an extra mouth on his chest and hopefully I'm wrong.

Jason said...

Love the Ocarina of Time reference. But now you've got Navi's trademark quote stuck in my head!! "Hey! Listen!", repeating over and over in my head. Damn you!!! :)