Monday, March 31, 2008

Haul Madness

At the end of every month I look at the photos and try to comfort myself by thinking how next month's haul will be much more reasonable. One month later I prove myself very wrong.

So I'm buying manga again. I picked up Naruto vol. 28 which is essentially Naruto Shipp┼źden vol. 1. I got sick of the filler episodes currently airing on Cartoon Network and wanted to continue the story. I also bought volume 27 which wraps up the first part of the Naruto saga and includes a Kakashi flashback story.

Here's even more ninja wares. The Gaara figure is a recent release and has him in his cool new outfit. Naruto and Sasuke actually arrived in the mail today. I was expecting them to be a part of April's haul.

I decided I wanted The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya artbox pretty late into the game. It's my first DVD double dip unrelated to Spider-Man.

Here's a pic of the four limited edition DVDs. I much prefer this cover art to the artwork of the standard editions. Together their spines form the SOS Brigade logo. It's a snug fit for the DVDs inside the box. The music CDs are stored inside a little sliding drawer.

Gratuitous movie merchandising for the win! Alright the straw is a bit much.


Gabriel said...

My Gods if i realized that the Haruhi Suzumiya boxset had all the volumes I would have kept it, but then you would have killed me a the same time.

Also another reason Cartoon Network should skip the Naruto fillers, its half way tops till Naruto Shippuuden. And oh yeah reminders: Naruto Manga here is obviously a year(and a half?)behind the manga in Japan. All I will say is a major event has happened. (No Spoilers just to get people warmed up for the long read ahead.)

Jon said...

DUDE! outlaw star! DUDE!

Gabriel said...

I also freaked out for Outlaw Star.

Anthony said...

No the Haruhi box only comes with volume one. I've had the other volumes for quite awhile now.

Compare this pic of the just opened box with the cardboard spacer to this pic with the other three volumes inserted.

Here's an older pic with the standard edition of volume one.

Anonymous said...

Rather amusing answer