Monday, March 24, 2008

Steelbooks: The Grueling Addiction

Well as requested, here is a picture of my current steelbook collection. As you can see shiny metal is not easy to photograph. The collection has grown quite a bit since the last time I posted it.

For the uninitiated steelbooks are DVD cases that , according to their website,"consists of a metal exterior and an inner core of plastic and has the same dimensions as a standard DVD style case". I just love the way they're designed. They're nice and sturdy with a lot of cool artwork and unlike other types of special packaging they don't take up any more shelf space than a typical DVD case.

Here's a picture of a few of them opened. I removed the booklets and other inserts to give a better look at the artwork that can be found on the inside. Interestingly the Naruto movie is the only steelbook I own that lacks interior artwork, but that's not unheard of; the steelbook for Dune supposedly lacks interior artwork as well. Naruto makes up for it with by having a third disc, actually the movie's soundtrack on CD.

So what does the future hold? Best Buy has an exclusive I Am Legend steelbook. right now. Canadian retailer Future shop even has a I Am Legend Blu-Ray steelbook. Its amazing how much cool stuff is only made available north of the border. Transworld stores have pre-orders for upcoming Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield steelbooks, available on April 1st and 22nd respectively. Funimation is releasing the DragonBall Z movies in widescreen. The DBZ movies will be double features packaged in steelbooks. The first will be released on May 27th.

I was disappointed the DragonBall Z History of Trunks & Bardock specials were cropped widescreen, but I'm glad to have experienced Funimation's grand "experiment" without having to plunk down the cash for one of the season sets. It's not unwatchable but it is distracting. I preordered it sight unseen and didn't know it was going to be cropped but I also wasn't expecting a steelbook. I like nice surprises. My favorite steelbook is still the Resident Evil 4 PS2 game I received as an unexpected Christmas gift. It was only my second steelbook and the catalyst for my new sub-collection. The problem is the more steelbooks there are, the less special they seem and there are a lot of steelbooks nowadays. I always only buy the ones I like, the ones I would have bought irregardless of the packaging, but it's still a grueling addiction.


Anonymous said...

ya sure do like dem........... "steel boxes!" - jon

Gabriel said...

I have a few you don't have, we can have a bit of a blog crossover since I was about to do something like this idea. So i have a few pics too.