Thursday, June 26, 2008

Section Nine Redux

Anime News Network has news of Mamorou Oshii's classic anime film Ghost in the Shell being re-released in theatres in Japan on July 12th. The movie has been remastered and has recieved a technical facelift somewhat akin to the Star Wars Special Editions. This new version, called Ghost in the Shell 2.0, will feature newly rendered CGI blended into the film. You can see a series of comparisons images between the original film and the new remastered version here. In addition there's a video preview which can be seen here.

I have to say I'm not particularly impressed with these images. The CGI isn't too impressive nor does it mesh very well with the rest of the movie. Ghost in the Shell was always beautifully hand drawn and even if the CGI looked good I don't think this revisioning would be much of an upgrade. While I wouldn't want GitS 2.0 to replace the original movie completely, here's hoping the remastering does become a worthwhile effort. There's currently no word on whether Ghost in the Shell 2.0 will be released in North America. I'd say that say with the series' popularity, it's likely that it eventually will.


Gabriel said...

Your first link on the movie comparisons doesn't work.

Gabriel said...

Is this also the one Steven Spielberg was gonna help out with?