Sunday, July 6, 2008

Anime Expo Hangover

I went to Anime Expo yesterday. It was big and awesome and I left feeling severely drained. I tried to keep updating Twitter while I was there but I'm coming to the conclusion that Twitter sucks. Not only do a few messages not go through but some are inexplicably listed out of order.

Here are a few con highlights concerning the state of the anime industry. Bandai licensed Hayate the Combat Butler. Nozomi licensed Gakuen Alice. Manga Entertainment has the U.S. license for Ghost in the Shell 2.0. A.D.V. is alive but not very well. They lost all of the titles they were distributing for Sojitz and now Funimation has them. Funimation is basically unstoppable at this point. And all because DBZ is that popular.

I'll have much more details about the con later but for now enjoy these previews.

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