Thursday, July 3, 2008

Funimation Resurrects Geneon

Today is the first full day at Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Funimation has already "won" the convention with a press release. Funimation will be distributing several titles for Genenon. Geneon ended their own distribution last year, and has been in an inert state ever since. Funimation seems to be focusing on titles that had their release interrupted during Geneon's issues as well as titles that were announced but had remained unreleased. There's still no word about Geneon's older catalog titles. While I agree the newer titles are of more importance, I think there's a chance Funimation or even another company might be able to rescue some of those older licenses.

Obviously this is going to be the biggest news coming out of Anime Expo this year but it might not be the only surprise. There have been quite a bit of rumblings that ADV has been going through some troubles. Might they align themselves with another company? Before today a Funimation acquisition of ADV was rumoured. Funimation could emerge as the one hundred pound gorilla of the North American anime industry.

I wouldn't rule out Bandai Entertainment either. In the last few months they've stood out to me as the most exciting and interesting of the anime companies. There should at least be some licensing announcements from them.

Also as I type this Evangelion 1.0 You Are Not Alone is minutes from premiering at Anime Expo. The Japanese licensors may be the ones exhibiting it, but it's also in the realm of possibility that a U.S. company has licensed it and is about to make an announcement. It should be an intriguing next few days.

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