Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a Lion! It's huge!

So it seems Fox Regency has dropped their live action Voltron movie and the rights will be picked up by Relativity Media. (No I haven't heard of them either.) Relativity hopes to do a lower budgeted movie with most of the film rendered in CGI. The current script takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York and Mexico, and not across several fictional alien worlds like the toon.

I might be stating the obvious when I suggest this all sounds like a bad idea. I'm not entirely thrilled with the prospect of a Voltron movie in the first place. Movie execs seriously believe everything needs to be turned into a movie. And if you are going to make a movie, don't scrimp on the budget. Giant combining robot lions can't look cheap. I'm getting tired of the excessive green screening. They're even heavily altering the plot of the original which is a Hollywood cliche at this point.

You know what I would like to see in a Voltron movie? The Vehicle Voltron. Just to mess with people's heads. Those episodes are coming to DVD but I doubt they'll sell well. Besides being more obscure than the lion Voltron, those vehicle designs make for boring cover art.

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