Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Judging a DVD By Its Cover 3

It's time again for me to critique the artwork of upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases, because I love offering praise and petty nitpicks.

The single disc edition of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull uses the theatrical poster art. It looks great and matches the individual releases of the original movies from earlier this year. I dislike having the critic's quote on the cover though.

The Blu-Ray for Crystal Skull uses the teaser poster which focuses on just Indy. It'd be even nicer without the gold border. Presumably the two-disc set will use the same artwork.

The single disc edition of Iron Man uses the theatrical poster art just like Crystal Skull. And like Crystal Skull it's mostly awesome except for the quote at the bottom.

The two-disc art for Iron Man looks better suited for a video game. The CG rendering of ol' Shell-head is too unrealistic. It doesn't match his appearance within the film. It seems the two-disc set will feature a slipcover that will reveal Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark underneath. That's kinda neat.

The artwork for Speed Racer looks too cluttered as it includes Speed, Racer X, the Mach 5, and the Shooting Star. And it fails for leaving out Trixie. I also want to mention the content of this Blu-Ray release. It will be a three disc set but that's not as awesome as it sounds. One disc will be an interactive DVD game for the kiddies and another will be a digital download of the film, a recent phenomenon in home video that I'm no fan of. Worse of all the movie itself will not feature TrueHD audio. It's a shame because HD media was created for movies like this one.

There's something seriously creepy about Chucky when you're a kid, but then you grow out of it and you realize how goofy these movies really are. This artwork nails the early creepy Chucky and makes me nostalgic for the time I was afraid of dolls.

This is third release for The Big Lebowski on DVD. I'm not sure it's necessary but it's got some nice cover art. The Big Lebowski is equal parts epic and mundane and think I this art suits the film nicely. If the Jesus doesn't turn around he's gong to get squashed by that bowling ball.

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