Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Judging a DVD By Its Cover 4

Another installment already? The internet works fast.

I have a weakness for monsters fighting each other which might explain why I find this cover so freaking awesome. It's a three disc set and I'm sure the third disc is a useless digital copy, but at least they're including it in addition to the bonus materials and not in place of them like other studios.

As predicted last time, the two-disc edition of Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull uses the same image of Indy as the Blu-Ray edition. Yes my powers of prescience are that amazing folks. :P

This complete series collection for The Real Ghostbusters comes packaged in a replica of the Ghostbuster's firehouse, albeit covered in a copious amount of slime. I guess it's an accurate representation of the series, as Slimer more or less took over the show in its later years.

How much more black could this be? A lot more black actually. The first Death Note boxset continues the motif from the individual DVDs of featuring a collage of screencaps. The box set doesn't feature any character artwork though, instead going for a dark minimalistic look. I have mixed feelings about it. I get what they were going for but it's a bit plain.

It's been awhile since the last time a season set of The Simpsons was released. Now that they've finished up with the Simpsons family it looks like they're going to be continuing the "head" sets with other citizens of Springfield. Alas Krusty just doesn't look right without his side hair.

I appreciate how they tried to incorporate the classic poster art for the masterpiece Vertigo into the background of this DVD release, but they should have used it as the main image. I'm as afraid of giant headed Jimmy Stewart as he's apparently afraid of us.

My opinion on the next two covers are the same so I'll group them together. The Blu-Ray cover art for The Thing and Young Frankenstein use the original theatrical poster art, even though the current DVD releases for both titles do not. Both pieces of artwork are predominantly blue and they look very pleasing to the eye housed in a Blu-Ray case.

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Gabriel said...

That was quick, I don't really dig the Hulk DVD artwork, but man didn't I tell you about the Death Note boxset?