Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Is Halloween Season

Well August is over. That means it's time for retailers to put out their Halloween merchandise. It seems quick but it makes some sense when you think about it. The demand for back-to-school stuff decreases when school begins at the start of September, and the next major seasonal event isn't until the last day of October. They gotta sell something in between. Yet I don't know why they start selling Christmas stuff even before the day of Halloween.

I do love Halloween stuff though. Especially the lower grade cheaper stuff you find in drug stores and ninety-nine cent stores. It's all endearingly schlocky.

Not a lot of variety here in this sea of black. It's a mix of skeletons, grim reapers, and the ubiquitous Scream Ghostface. There's probably some Batman and Darth Vader in there too.

I appreciate how the villains of the 1980s slasher films have become highly marketable cultural icons. They're sort of our modern day Universal Monsters (and I like those characters too). So now we can purchase lovable animated dolls of a heavily scarred child killer and a savage murderous deformed man.

My little sister in one those makeup faces plastic masks. I actually believe these type of masks can be very creepy. See also Alice, Sweet Alice.

Who knows what evil is being plotted by this masked man?

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