Friday, September 19, 2008

Judging a DVD By Its Cover 5

The single disc edition of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army uses a zoomed-in version of the theatrical poster art. That bugged me at first but now I think I prefer it with Hellboy filling the entire image. I'm also glad the "Believe it or or not, he's the good guy" tagline is nowhere to be found on the DVD. I never cared for that.

There will also be a three-disc set that's sure to be filled with Del Toro-y goodness. It uses the character shot of Hellboy himself tightly framed in a black border. It's pretty plain looking for such a visually impressive film.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe is coming to DVD and Bu-Ray in a three-disc Ultimate X-Phile Edition (groan). Both formats use the theatrical poster art which depicts Mulder and Scully casting some long shadows. It plays into the themes of The X-Files well, but it's too obvious that they just pasted the actors' faces on a CG rendering. Still it's not bad.

Although there is something to be said for artwork that incorporates actual elements from the film. I think I like this artwork even better, although I admit Mulder and Scully's faces still don't look quite right.

The first X-Files movie is coming to Blu-Ray with redesigned artwork that matches the new film. It's not as good as the "I Want To Believe" art or even the original "Fight the Future" art. It makes Mulder and Scully look like shadowy giants that roam the cornfields. This Blu-Ray disc will feature several new extras but as of this writing there is no news of the movie being re-released on DVD.

The single disc theatrical edition Hancock uses the theatrical poster art. It's simple and effective. That's unquestionably Will Smith there underneath the beanie, sunglasses, and stubble.

The cover art for the two-disc Unrated edition, however, is absolutely awful. Simply judging it on its own merits, it's passable even with a bit too much photoshop effects. The real problem with this artwork is that it's a huge spoiler. Seriously why the heck would they approve this?

This is a bundle containing the first two volumes of Gurren Laggan. Based on past Bandai sets of this sort, I'm guessing it's an oversized slipcover wrapped around the two individual DVD cases. I really dig it, probably more than I should. I like the minimalism of the artwork and that it looks like worn metal. Again it's likely just a throw-away piece of cardboard but it's cheaper and more efficient than buying the volumes separately and I think it's neat.


Anonymous said...

They include the spoiler on the handcock dvd to tell the viewer when they should stop watching the movie.

Gabriel said...

See this is a reason why I want to get into graphic design, so I at least better decent DVD art than this. Also Hancock wasn't that bad.