Thursday, September 25, 2008

Judging A DVD By Its Cover 6

The single disc edition uses the same artwork as the theatrical poster. I was a never big fan of that poster artwork. There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't feel strongly about it.

I much prefer the two-disc DVD and Blu-Ray disc artwork. It's very similar to the single disc version but with the group replaced by Anakin Skywalker by himself and the starships removed completely. It's less cluttered and Anakin is cool enough without the others.

Best Buy will have an exclusive steelbook featuring Captain Rex. This is my most anticipated steelbook of the year now, more so than Iron Man and The Dark Knight. (Yes a Dark Knight steelbook is coming.) Fingers crossed this isn't the last Star Wars steelbook we see.

Target will have exclusive cover art featuring Commander Fox of the Corscuant Guard. Target has been using Fox and his Legion on in-store decorations and for exclusive merchandise including action figures, costumes, and helmets. Why? Branding synergy. Target is a retailer that uses a lot of red so they give prominent exposure to the red clone troopers. It may sound odd but that's the reasoning behind it.

The exclusive artwork is the same as the single disc artwork but with the main group pushed into the background to make room for Commander Fox. It would've been nice if they had been a little more creative, like the Best Buy exclusive with Captain Rex.

This was going to be an all Clone Wars edition of JADBIC but I decided to throw in these other two DVDs. This is Kevin Smith's third live Q&A performance DVD and of the three this one has the best artwork yet. I like the self-deprecating nod of subtitling this one Sold Out. Still it's not as clever as the second DVD's subtitle Evening Harder.

I've been wanting an opportunity to decry the marketing of the Get Smart movie. The gimmick of obstructing the actors' faces is not funny. Plus what is up with the "62% more laughs" blurb. How did they come to that number? Do they have a mathematician on the payroll to figure this out? They even seem to openly admit that it's a crock by putting "laughs" in quotations.


Gabriel said...

Very nice covers. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be on my steelbook list (I don't really have one I just put a note of it.).

And more so than The Dark Knight? Really?

Another evening with Kevin Smith sounds promising. Get Smart not so much so.

Also Target has a red fetish.

Anthony said...

Steelbook collecting is a distinct art from DVD buying. One's enjoyment of the movie is not necessarily correlated to the awesomeness of the package.

You can't deny how slick The Clone Wars steelbook looks. It really stands out from the other Clone Wars packaging, plus it was totally unexpected.

By comparison The Dark Knight steelbook (which I'll be writing about real soon) is a little underwhelming especially since I had such high expectations.