Friday, September 5, 2008

Still More Halloween Suff

Although my local Target has all of their Halloween themed signage up, they still haven't put any merchandise out on the floor. Still it's neat looking at the various Domo-kun imagery. The Domo style pumpkin patch is a nice touch.

It's not Halloween without these things. You can't beat the classics.

Although I do amire these buckets if only because they're slighty reminiscent of the old McDonald's McBoo Pails.

Heh. What's the point of unlicensed knock-offs of the Scream mask? The official mask is absolutely everywhere and it's not like they're expensive.

This store had a lot of Trick or Treat bags with licensed characters, some quite old like the first Fantastic Four and Narnia movies, and past Power Rangers seasons. None however were quite as old as this one for X-Men Evolution. I'm of the opinion that X-Men Evolution is the very best animated series based off of a Marvel Superheroes property, so this bit of nostalgia was a nice surprise. However the pleasantness was quickly dashed once I read the line "EXtreme Halloween". :P

This isn't directly Halloween related, (in fact none of these last three pics are) but last year's Transformers DVD has been reissued with an Optimus Prime mask. It's a classic example of Malibu Stacy syndrome but if I had a weaker will I'd go for it. FYI Wal-Mart has their own version with a Bumblebee mask.

This is an example of one of the quirky phenomenons of movie merchandising; the repackaging of items from a previous movie for its sequel. These ninja sword toys were made for Batman Begins since Bruce Wayne used swords in his training with the League of Shadows. There are no ninja swords at all in The Dark Knight but that doesn't stop the toy company from trying to sell them again.

On the left we the seminal 80s film Gremlins on DVD. On the right we have the DVD of the superior, at least in my own admittedly wry opinion, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Gremlins has been repacageked and reissued in a standard DVD keepcase. As of this writing Gremlins 2 is still only available in the long since discontinued cardboard snapper case. Warner Bros, correct this wrong and you will have at least one happy customer. (Despite the fact I just Tivo'd Gremlins 2 in HD just yesterday.)


Gabriel said...

Sweet I remember the McBoo's. I think i still have one...Gremlins and Gremlins 2 is now officially on my next buy list...right after Nightmare Before Christmas. Gremlins 2 was better? But the first...yeah 2 was better.

tresjolie9 said...

Here via X-E, Gremlins II was better than Gremlins I. Gremlins I was good as an 80s shocker flick, but Gremlins II is a classic. Donald Trump parody, scene which was different on the VHS than in the film, in jokes about early Korman films, exposing CNN's montage for the end of the world as we know it. Gremlins II is a classic! Where were they showing it in HD?

Anthony said...

It had been airing on HBO HD recently. Currently it's only scheduled for HBO Family though.