Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The First Day of October now there's only 30 days to go. Doesn't mean we can't celebrate a bit early.

I finally spotted all the Halloween costumed Domo plushies available at Target. He comes dressed either as a vampire, a devil, Frankenstein's monster or a pumpkin. Dressing up Domo for Halloween is the only way to make him more awesome.

I thought this inflatable decoration was really impressive but I couldn't help but imagine that the skeleton was using the Jack-O-Lantern as a makeshift toilet. I'm still six years old mentally. I'm sorry.

These are all me. Were it socially acceptable I'd wear those goggles every day of the year. I have nothing else to add other than to say I look like Sir Topham Hatt in the first pic.

Buy this thankfully green wig. Buy this makeup kit and you're set. Screw that cheap brown haired monstrosity.

Even I have my limitations when it comes to kitschy Halloween stuff. This is the Grim Rapper. I listened to his awful song so you don't have to.

Why do so many skeletons look so startled? Are they just suddenly discovering they're devoid of flesh and internal organs? At least it debunks the theory that one can not look surprised without eyebrows.

Here's the Wal-Mart exclusive Bumblebee Transformers mask I mentioned earlier. Not really Halloween related, but hey it's a mask.

This must be what the Scream guy looked like before he died and became a ghost. He died how he lived. Screaming.

Ever wondered if the success of J-horror would make its mark on Halloween culture? Me niether but whatever this thing is, it looks like a Japanese ghost to me.

This picture came out horribly but it's a child sized mask of Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I considered making some kind of commentary on that but I realized if I was a parent I'd be pressuring my kid to dress up as something wildly inappropriate for a child.

I'm aware this post is already heavy on skeleton related content, but this here is a skeleton butler so I'm sure you'll more than understand.

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Jonny said...

The goggles remind me of The Nine Inch Nails' music video "Closer"