Friday, November 7, 2008

Gentleman Ghost!

Gentleman Ghost is a little known character from the DC comics universe. He was given a "blink and you'll miss it" appearance in the Justice League Unlimited animated series. This isn't saying much as there were tons of characters who made similar cameos in that show. But as is often the case with these DC animated series, this gave the long-running character a boost into the spotlight. More importantly it gave him a boost into the realm of merchandising.

Of course the first figure will be from his Justice League Unlimited appearance, but this isn't particularly notable as nearly every hero and villain who showed up on that show gets a toy.

Gentleman Ghost will receive a bigger role in the new cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold premiering November 14th. This means he's getting another animated style toy, pictured above alongside Plastic Man. This figure will be done in translucent plastic giving it a nice look.

The pièce de résistance is a classic comic book based Gentleman Ghost recently announced at MattyCollector.Com as part of the eighth wave of DC Universe Classics. It's a great wave all around with two styles of Doctor Fate and the Parademons as well as a Collect and Connect figure of Giganta. Still I find myself just as stoked for good ol' Gentleman Ghost.

That's three action figures coming in 2009. Not too shabby for such an obscure character. Why is Gentlemen Ghost garnering such unexpected attention? I can't say for certain but I'll tell you why I find myself obsessed with him. It's all in the visual design. Even his name perfectly sums up his appearance; Gentleman Ghost. He's so beautifully goofy. He may be a DC comics super villain but he looks like he'd fit right into The Venture Bros. universe. Or heck he could even be a Scooby Doo bad guy.


Gabriel said...

Here's a picture I found of him in Justice League Unlimited floating around the net:

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And from the Brave and the Bold: