Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Watchmen Trailer

My unsolicited thoughts:

Generally I liked the trailer, even with the slow-mo effects that I had apprehensions about. Someone who's never read the book would now have a better idea of what it's about. There still some details being omitted like the older generation of heroes or the fact that the story takes place in 1985.

Some people have raised concerns about the way some characters' voices sound. Clearly these people have never before seen an adaptation of a book they've read. No boys & girls, they can't replicate all those details that exist only in your head.

The characters are actually referring to themselves as the "Watchmen"?

Where's Captain Metropolis in that group photo? Isn't he the one who formed the Crimebusters? Although I guess they're callng the team the Watchmen now.

That's the music from Koyaanisqatsi. There's no escaping Phillip Glass.


Gabriel said...

Man what an awesome trailer. Although it is true how they are calling themselves Watchmen bugs me a lot. I guess they thought Crimebusters wouldn't hold up. This is a trailer I'm watching without end.

Jon said...

Yeah for a second there i though i was watching the First GTA IV commercial.

Jon said...

I guess also i wanted to hear some sort of godly voice come from Dr. Manhattan.

Jon said...

On one hand it is going to be cool to hear people talk about the watchmen.

On the other hand it is going to suck to hear people talk about the watchmen

Anthony said...

That makes sense but personally I never had any pre-concieved notions of what any of the characters sounded like.

When I read the book Rorschach sounded like Jeffrey Combs to me but I was thinking of him on purpose because he voiced The Question.

Gabriel said...

I liked how Dr. Manhattan sounded. Almost exactly how I thought he would sound, except with a little less emotion.

Rorschach, well didn't know what he would sound like in the first place. I actually imagined a little dumber what he sounded like only because of the way he would talk.

I actually like how I heard one person described Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach; that they were like versions of Superman and Batman. In a way they are.

Jon said...

You know it is strange to see all those scenes out context one after another.

It gives a outsider feeling and it of shows off how epic the story is as opposed to the down to earth feeling of reading the book