Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cruel Revenge of Subtitle Fatigue

What? Dragonball Evolution? Why? Well I know why. It's all in the interest of establishing a franchise. Try explaining that to the fanboys on the net though. What Dragonball fans understand about the film industry couldn't fill a ketchup packet.

Still though, Evolution? That's an odd choice for Dragonball. As weired out as I'm feeling because of the title change, I'm still not nearly as down on this movie as I probably should be. My enthusiasm has been diminished but it has not yet burnt out. You can see other posters, including ones that spotlight Roshi and Bulma, and screencaps at IGN .

Even more interesting is the Japanese trailer (which is completely in English with Japanese subtitles) which you can see here at Inside the Briefcase. It really doesn't show us too much more than what was already known. There is an origin given for the Dragonballs that's unique to this film, but I'm not too bothered by it seeing as how the anime and manga gave a few different conflicting explanations for the Dragonballs. What's significantly more disconcerting is that there is apparently some destiny that Goku must fulfil. A few positive highlights for me include seeing Grampa Gohan train Goku and the yelling of "Kamehameha". Nerd-gasm!


Jon said...

His hair reminds me of a early 90's movie that revolves around computers, raves and has a lot of cut scenes.

Anthony said...


Incidentally Hackers totally pwnz.

Jon said...

Hackers is the epitome of 90's moves.

There is only fun and boring - Mr. The Plague