Friday, December 19, 2008

Judging a DVD By Its Cover 7

The holy grail of DVD releases (besides The African Queen) is finally coming: Howard the Duck. I've never seen it and I'm not yet convinced that I ever should. The DVD art is essentially this poster minus the family un-friendly cigar but with the feet added from this poster. No amount of Photoshop could make this movie an easier sell.

Here's the re-release of the first Friday the 13th movie coming to DVD and Blu-Ray unedited for the first time in R1. It features new artwork that is loosely inspired by the classic poster artwork. A few notable differences include the knife in the killer's hand being a part of the movie's logo. Frankly I think it looks lame. Another thing is the killer is sporting some very misleading man-hands.

The first two sequels are also being re-released but only on DVD and still in their R-rated cuts. As with the first movie the artwork is based on the original posters, although these lack the "knife logo" so I like them a little better. I found the title of the third movie slightly amusing. The 3-D version is being made available for the first time, so it's being marketed as Friday the 13th Part 3 3-D which sounds a little redundant but maybe that's just me.

This is a stand-alone Blu-Ray release of the original Matrix film with a hardcover book. I like the black and white artwork but it bugs me that Neo is standing slightly askew while Trinity and Morpheus are facing straight ahead. This set is being released to coincide with the movie's tenth anniversary. The Matrix is ten years old. Now you feel old!

It's not as nice as the original poster artwork but the color scheme is pleasing to the eye especially for a Blu-Ray disc. Still there's really nothing I could say about the artwork that could eclipse the awesomeness of this even existing in the first place. I guess we have to thank the upcoming releases of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li for this. Oh media tie-ins, is there anything you can't do?

Beautiful. The packaging is modeled on that of an Atari 2600 game, which is before my time but I still picked up that there was something special about it. I love that Hank and his gun is the centerpiece of the artwork even though he appears that way a for about eight seconds in the actual show. I also think it's great that they're going to start releasing this series on Blu-Ray.

Well if I could ever be convinced to watch a movie solely based on its cover this would be it.



Jon said...

What kind of machine do they use to put dents in to The Venture brother's packaging, in such a uniform manner?

Anthony said...

I'll bet that the dents are part of the illustration. In other words the packaging only looks like it's been damaged. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Jon said...

yeah it is clever
also here is the Beginning