Sunday, December 21, 2008

Talking About Anime

  • For the Jump Anime Tour in Japan Toei debuted three new specials incuding a new Dragonball Z special titled Yo! The Return of Son Goku and Friends which introduces Vegeta's little brother Table. This is the first new Dragonball animation in over ten years so this is a big deal. What's awesome is Toei has the special available for viewing for free on the internet complete with English subtitles. To watch it you must first download their browser off the site before downloading the video file. You'll also be able to watch Toei's other specials including the animated version of Romance Dawn, Eiichirō Oda's prototype story for One Piece. The specials will be available for viewing until the end of January.

  • Naruto no longer has a steady time slot on Cartoon Network after certain events. Recently it's been getting pre-empted for movies on Saturday night. Viz is stepping in however and has episodes 216 to 220 for viewing on the official website. This batch of episodes features the final storyline of the series' run before Naruto: Shippūden. So this is sort of Naruto's series finale.

  • Clearly digital delivery of anime seems to be the big trend right now and Anime News Network is jumping on the bandwagon. They've featured news stories and trailers and such for awhile now but currently they have the first full episode of Girl's High and the entirety of Kite Liberator. Both series are licensed by Media Blasters in North America. I thought it was kinda odd for a news site to feature anime for viewing, but hey who am I to question free legal anime?

  • Funimation is intent on ending the year on a high note and they're having a New Show A-Go Go!! event on their website. Starting tomorrow Funi will be announcing a new license acquisition every day until the end of the years. This is usually a bad time of the year for exciting news so I'm glad Funi is doing this. With ten new licenses there's a good chance there will be at least one that I find interesting.

  • Universal is producing a Bakugan movie. Yeah. The article doesn't specify if their doing theatrical distribution for an anime movie or if they're producing their own live action adaptation.

  • The website for the in-production Eureka Seven movie is now up. There's not much there other than a beautiful teaser image. I'm very much looking forward to more Eureka Seven so even the slightest preview is enough to delight me.

  • While we're on the subject of returning favorites, the teaser for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series is up. The teaser consists solely of a single preview image that looks like it could have easily been produced for the first series. I felt Fullmetal Alchemist had a satisfying conclusion so I'm not all that eager for this second series.

  • I've been watching Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Monday nights on Sci-Fi Channel. It's become the television program I most look forward to, especially now since Code Geass is on hiatus until January 10th. Gundam 00 is very interesting especially to me as a long time Gundam fan. Whereas other Gundam series occur in a far off timeline, Gundam 00 takes place in the not too distant future that still feels familiar to the viewer. The world has been divided into three super-power nations centered around three gigantic satellites built to gather solar energy developed as an alternate energy source. The nations are in the middle of a long running conflict and tensions are running high. Enter Celestial Being, a mysterious organization bent on ending all war by using their vastly superior Mobile Suits (you can guess what kind they are) to squash all violent actions when they start. This ends up having a domino effect and a terrorist group begins to attack out of protest. Gundam 00 has very dense plotting with many characters living across the world with their own stories that I'm sure will eventually start to interconnect. In that sense it reminds me of Gundam Wing and also because Gundam 00 has a strangely stoic main hero. This character is Kurdish and became a soldier after he was persuaded to participate in violent acts when he was still a child. I've never seen a mecha series with this much emphasis on the Middle East, which adds to this Gundam's series particular mystique.

  • I'm going to end on a down note, voice actress Maddie Blaustein passed away on December 11th. She preformed many bit roles for 4Kids but most us will remember her as the voice of Meowth in Pokémon. This is sad news and I'm trying my darnest to not make some kind of inappropriate "Team Rocket is blasting off again" joke.

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