Monday, December 29, 2008

The Year's End Haul

So apparently I'm not as lazy as I like to claim. Here's a few more shots of my Christmas presents starting with the Gurren Lagann Set 01 Limited Edition.

The Gurren Lagann set includes a toy drill that lights up. The drill is an important item from the series used to activate and control the Gunmen.

I got the Circuit City exclusive version of The Dark Knight sporting some nice Joker artwork. The set includes a slick looking journal.

Here's The Dark Knight with my other editions of comic book movies in over-sized slipcovers packaged with booklets. It's a small but very specific subset of my collection.

Next is a different type of comic book movie is Wanted.

Lastly are some items that aren't Christmas presents. Burger King has had a Nintendo Wii promotion this month and I've been snapping them up. The world needs more cool Nintendo toys like these.

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Jon said...

That is damn creative packaging