Monday, March 31, 2008

Haul Madness

At the end of every month I look at the photos and try to comfort myself by thinking how next month's haul will be much more reasonable. One month later I prove myself very wrong.

So I'm buying manga again. I picked up Naruto vol. 28 which is essentially Naruto Shipp┼źden vol. 1. I got sick of the filler episodes currently airing on Cartoon Network and wanted to continue the story. I also bought volume 27 which wraps up the first part of the Naruto saga and includes a Kakashi flashback story.

Here's even more ninja wares. The Gaara figure is a recent release and has him in his cool new outfit. Naruto and Sasuke actually arrived in the mail today. I was expecting them to be a part of April's haul.

I decided I wanted The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya artbox pretty late into the game. It's my first DVD double dip unrelated to Spider-Man.

Here's a pic of the four limited edition DVDs. I much prefer this cover art to the artwork of the standard editions. Together their spines form the SOS Brigade logo. It's a snug fit for the DVDs inside the box. The music CDs are stored inside a little sliding drawer.

Gratuitous movie merchandising for the win! Alright the straw is a bit much.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Steelbooks: The Grueling Addiction

Well as requested, here is a picture of my current steelbook collection. As you can see shiny metal is not easy to photograph. The collection has grown quite a bit since the last time I posted it.

For the uninitiated steelbooks are DVD cases that , according to their website,"consists of a metal exterior and an inner core of plastic and has the same dimensions as a standard DVD style case". I just love the way they're designed. They're nice and sturdy with a lot of cool artwork and unlike other types of special packaging they don't take up any more shelf space than a typical DVD case.

Here's a picture of a few of them opened. I removed the booklets and other inserts to give a better look at the artwork that can be found on the inside. Interestingly the Naruto movie is the only steelbook I own that lacks interior artwork, but that's not unheard of; the steelbook for Dune supposedly lacks interior artwork as well. Naruto makes up for it with by having a third disc, actually the movie's soundtrack on CD.

So what does the future hold? Best Buy has an exclusive I Am Legend steelbook. right now. Canadian retailer Future shop even has a I Am Legend Blu-Ray steelbook. Its amazing how much cool stuff is only made available north of the border. Transworld stores have pre-orders for upcoming Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield steelbooks, available on April 1st and 22nd respectively. Funimation is releasing the DragonBall Z movies in widescreen. The DBZ movies will be double features packaged in steelbooks. The first will be released on May 27th.

I was disappointed the DragonBall Z History of Trunks & Bardock specials were cropped widescreen, but I'm glad to have experienced Funimation's grand "experiment" without having to plunk down the cash for one of the season sets. It's not unwatchable but it is distracting. I preordered it sight unseen and didn't know it was going to be cropped but I also wasn't expecting a steelbook. I like nice surprises. My favorite steelbook is still the Resident Evil 4 PS2 game I received as an unexpected Christmas gift. It was only my second steelbook and the catalyst for my new sub-collection. The problem is the more steelbooks there are, the less special they seem and there are a lot of steelbooks nowadays. I always only buy the ones I like, the ones I would have bought irregardless of the packaging, but it's still a grueling addiction.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thursday, March 20, 2008

They're Running Out Of Ways To Sell Darth Vader Figures

...but at least it forces them to be more creative.

Ninja Rap

I so don't want to look forward to next year's G.I. Joe movie. They've completely reworked the concept in order to appeal to a broader audience. The casting is all over the place, from the promising (Christopher Eccleston as Destro) to the bizarre (Joseph Gordon Levitt as Cobra Commander). It's being directed by Stephen Sommers who made even an inherently cool concept such as Van Helsing suck terribly. Plus it seems like such a rush job to cash-in on the success of the Transformers movie. I'm pretty sure Hasbro is even prepping Monopoly and Mr. Potato Head movies to follow.

All that being said, check out the first pic of Snake Eyes. I've often wondered about the practicality of having a ninja on a military ops team, but at least he's a ninja who's comfortable using guns. And a wolf. Still he's a fan favorite and it looks like they've captured his look well for the movie.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green Ranger Is Awesome

He infiltrates the Megazord, attacks the Rangers in the cockpit, and proceeds to wipe the floor with them one by one. It's just brutal the way he slaps the Pink Ranger. He's even capable of ki blasts apparently. You know I think the American version really suffered from the lack of exaggerated sound effects.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ideas For Blog Posts That I Had But Never Followed Up On

  • My most wanted picks for action figure lines based on properties that have never had any action figures.

  • My most wanted picks for action figure lines based on properties that have already had action figures but deserve new / different / better ones.

  • The many season passes on my TiVo i.e. What TV Shows I'm currently following.

  • Why Naruto is f*cking awesome.

  • Movie based action figure lines that spoiled the movie.

  • Steelbooks: The grueling addiction.

  • Awful movies I enjoy in spite of, or because of, their awfulness.

  • What engrish lyrics in J-Pop songs are saying versus what I thought they were saying.

  • The greatest fast food toy promotions ever.

  • The best Jurassic Park quotes.

It's time to fight through the laziness. I have nothing to do for a week. Any suggestions on which of these topics I should try to tackle?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Indy Cred

Here's the poster artwork for Indiana Jones and The Excessively Long Film Title. Painted artwork movie posters are pretty much dead these days, outside of Lucas related projects. This one is as good as the original Indiana Jones posters. Look at this guy. You will never be as awesome as him. If only there was some simple way to own that piece of artwork.

These are awesome. I don't know why they have crazy spiral eyes, but it works for Marion. You'd look that manic too if you had a monkey in your hair. The mystery figure is probably Mutt. You know, that name isn't nearly as clever as they think it is, but it's still far more clever than it ought to be. I have no idea what I'm trying to say either.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Norton Smash

The teaser trailer for Incredible Hulk is now available online at MTV's website.. It'll also air on TV tonight at 9:56 PM on the Viacom networks including MTV, VH1, and yes even TV Land.

The trailer is alright. They hold back the big green guy towards the end of the trailer. However we do get a surprisingly good look at the radically redesigned Abomination. The Hulk himself looks different too. His green skin tone is less vibrant than in the previous movie. And he looks dirtier with even his hair looking grimy. Dude needs a shower.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What About Bubastis?

Four characters from next year's Watchmen film have been revealed on director Zack Snyder's production blog. You can see them all here. We've seen Rorschach before and he pretty much looks like he stepped right off the page. We've also seen some of the sets. There was a feeling that Snyder was going to make the movie a lavish recreation of the comic. Now we can see that's not quite so.

The Comedian looks like the Comedian, complete with ubiquitous smiley face button. I don't really have anything to say about the outfit but I'm pretty sure that actor is wearing a wig.

I'm not crazy about Ozymandias' muted colors or that his man-tiara isn't a halo around his head. Yes it was odd that the world's smartest man would dress that way, but the movie outfit isn't more realistic. It's just darker.

The picture of Silk Spectre is horrifying but not so much because of the outfit. You can't even get a really good look at it. It's horrifying because that pose seems very unbecoming of Laurie Juspecyzk. And those bangs look like they could kill a grizzly bear.

I think the most interesting outfit is Nite Owl's but not because it's good or bad, but because it looks greatly similar to to the body armor costumes of the Batman movies. (Plus you an see Archie in the background!)

I think the costumes in Watchmen were supposed to look a bit silly and, for lack of a proper term, "old timey". These characters were emotionally distraught people running around in off-kilter pajamas and you can't really make them look cool. I'm really curious as to what Snyder will make the Minutemen heroes of the 1940s look like. That should be interesting.