Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Can't Be The Only One Who Noticed This

So now I'm guessing we'll soon see an episode in which the current Doctor will meet his past self and together they will give birth to his future self. Sounds odd but the Doctor has been in far stranger circumstances.

I actually made an attempt to avoid learning who was cast as the new Doctor. I lasted three days. Remember what it used to feel like to experience something unexpected? Thanks again internet.


Gabriel said...

Yeah thats strangely horrifyingly true. Also you posted this when you were sitting right next to me and weren't on a computer. Your a witch.

Jon said...

he looks like an elf, also he is missing a mole.

What's next a baby and the girl is supposed to care for him, trade in a screwdriver for a baby bottle. A magical baby bottle that can do anything.

Anthony said...

Dude, a Muppet Babies-esque Doctor Who spin-off would totally rule.