Monday, January 12, 2009

Is There Such A Thing As A Non-Evil Clown?

Early January can be a pretty fascinating time if you're an action figure collector. Retailers have been cleaned out of much of their stock over the Christmas rush and now is when they rearrange their layouts and begin stocking lots of new products.

Plus with Toy Fair being held in February, companies aren't as forthcoming with information preferring instead to hold announcements until the annual trade show. This sometimes results in finding something in-store that you weren't expecting at all. What I mean by this is it's a toy that had received zero online press prior to being available for purchase, which is a major rarity these days.

The other nice thing about this time of the year are the clearance sales. Truth be told most of the good deals are already long gone and now all you'll find are the serious stragglers. It may sound funny but it's guaranteed that every year some major summer blockbuster's toyline will receive wide retail support and end up flopping and then heavily discounted. In 2008 that dubious honor goes to Indiana Jones. Sadly Indy shall be haunting store shelves for years to come, or rather Mutt Williams will be.

I must confess all that I have written above has been little more than a distraction. Maybe I've at least enlightened some on a minor aspect of my hobby. See my haul presented here was not a completely unexpected discovery nor was it on clearance. Still it was a great find. Most of The Dark Knight stuff around here has sold through and retailers aren't holding much space for the line anymore. I had actually given up on tracking down this figure so finding one was a really nice surprise.

Behold the poorly named "Gotham City Thug". Of the Joker's lackeys he was the one with the most dialogue and ends up having a brief encounter a with a bus. He'll make a good pair with the disguised Joker figure coming later this year. I'm disappointed they won't be making figures of the entire clown masked crew, but my wallet is elated.


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