Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Watchmen

The Watchmen movie opens in less than a week. That's just insane when you think about it. At the start of this decade DC had to cancel their promotion of the 15th Anniversary of Watchmen which would have consisted of a line of action figures by DC Direct. This was done as a too-little-too-late gesture to placate the series' famed author Alan Moore with whom DC has had a troubled working relationship with to say the least. Now with the impending release of the movie we're seeing all kinds of merchandise including action figures, lunchboxes, t-shirts, posters, Halloween costumes and an official Rorschach desk blotter.

So what's changed? Nothing really. DC has just figured they'll never be able to mend their relationship with Alan Moore. So they've decided to go for broke. That means comic based Watchmen figures could be back on the table. I mean after adapting Watchmen into a movie, a simple line of toys couldn't possibly make things any worse for their dealings with Moore.

Man I think these look awesome even now, years after they were first revealed. They nailed David Gibbons' artwork. The assortment would have included the Comedian, Silk Spectre and Doctor Manhattan. Presumably the other characters would have followed in later waves. It's neat how they were able to make Silk Spectre's costume semi-transparent. I like the smiley face bases that would have been included. Doctor Manhattan gets his own unique Mars base which he can "float" above. It looks like he'd still be able to stand on his own two feet without the base, which is something the movie Doctor Manhattan action figure isn't capable of.

There's something else these comic Watchmen figures would have had that the current movie toys don't; alternate swappable heads for the Comedian. In fact if you want the movie version of the younger Comedian then you'll have to buy a separate variant figure. Of course I'd say that says more about the rising costs of this hobby in the last few years than anything else.

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Yeah it is weird that watchemen is a movie