Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crashing Through The Night

A bunch of new G.I. JOE toys have been revealed in the last couple of days, including some figures being featured in an article at, of all places, People magazine. Click that link of your volition. Elsewhere Wired has pics of some of the vehicles.

My favourite toy by far is the Cobra Steel Crusher. Every S.U.V. should come emblazoned with Cobra logos and a rocket launcher.

I'm disappointed that the PIT playset is some kind of transforming boat-tank thing. I would've much preferred a normal playset over a vehicle-playset hybrid. A reissue of the U.S.S. Flagg would have be even better.

In the tradition of Dart Tater, Optimash Prime and too many other licensed Mr. Potato Head toys to list here, now here comes Snake Fries! Mmm potato ninja. Click this link to see the entire pamphlet
where Snake Fries and the PIT are featured amongst other toys.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Pictures have leaked of new Combat Heroes, G.I. JOE's version of the popular cute little figures aimed at the younger set. This has given us our first look at certain characters. Click on the links to see Destro wearing his mask and Cobra Commander. Destro looks great. Cobra Commander looks..well, let me add that we don't know how accurate these toys are supposed to be to the actual movie. These toys are fairly stylized. Here's the artwork from the toys' packaging.


Gabriel said...

I guess its a movie year of the Hummer...

Jon said...

yeah the movie industry didn't get the memo that gas prices were really high or the one about the economic collapse of the US.

Also Gabe, stop smiling at me with your anime face.

Gabriel said...

What makes you think I'm smiling at you? Or at all?