Thursday, February 12, 2009

Judging a DVD By Its Cover 9

Of all the pieces of X-Men Blu-Ray artwork this one is easily my favorite because it looks like the characters are actually all standing on the same physical plane. Interesting detail: both X-Men and X2 have "A Bryan Singer Film" listed before their titles. Bret Ratner's name is nowhere on the X-Men The Last Stand cover. :P

I like how the cover for X2 makes use of the only two muatnt characters unique to this particular movie, Nightcrawler and Deathstryke. I wish Toad and Sabertooth had been on the cover of the first movie instead of Magneto and Xavier. Well maybe not Toad. Cyclops, Jean or Rogue would've been cool.

Wow they really broke the formula for X-Men The Last Stand. The other covers have Wolverine, Storm, and two other characters. For this movie they squeeze in seven other characters. You can barely make out Rogue on the far left. With all those characters why not include Beast, Kitty, Colossus, or Juggernaut? Instead they show Cyclops and Angel in X-Men uniforms that they never wear in the actual movie.

Out of all of these X-Men covers it's the boxset that outright sucks. It has the requisite Wolverine and Storm and Storm is a re-use from the cover of X-Men The Last Stand. They even use Xavier and Magneto again. Couldn't they have found two more visually interesting characters out of the entire trilogy?

The cover for The Day The Earth Stood Still is alright. I liked Keanu Reeves' eerie blue eye until I took a closer look and realized it's the Earth. This DVD is actually a two-disc set with the original 1951 film on the second disc. I think that's surprisingly cool thing for Fox to do.

I liked this version better but mostly because of the scene of the city being disintegrated in the background. I didn't know Gort had such defined cheekbones.

The situation with The Spirit is an odd one. There was a ton of different promotional artwork created for the film, some of which was around for months before the movie actually opened. None of that artwork is being used for the single disc DVD, two-disc DVD or Blu-Ray releases. Instead all three versions use the same exact bland pastiche of all the major actors in the film. (I used the single disc DVD above since it didn't have a digital copy label on it.) This cover probably won't help this box office flop find a following on home video, assuming it deserves one.

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Jon said...

what came first? The popular chicken or force wolverine into ever nook and cranny of the egg.