Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

Well the Steelers won again. Good for them I guess. That's enough sports talk. Here are my thoughts on some of the movie teasers that aired during the game with links provided to the videos online.

G.I. Joe: This one came on pretty early into the game. It wasn't bad. Disintegrating the Eiffel Tower is a classic Cobra evil plot. All in all I liked it. Seeing the group shot of the JOE team did bring up a new concern however. In the movie there are only about a half dozen JOEs. Part of what is supposed to make the team cool is that there are so freaking many of them.

4 Fast 4 Furious: I know that's not the real title but I like it better. I have nothing more to add other than to say it's funny that the fourth entry in the series is actually the first direct sequel to the original.

Star Trek: Meh. Really just more of the same. Kirk getting in a bar fight was the most notable new footage but it's also kinda lame. I guess it's better than seeing kid Kirk going for a joy ride in a car.

The Year One: Amusing but not really laugh out loud funny. I'm still willing to give the movie a chance. Jack Black and Micheal Cera in olden times should be good.

Land of the Lost: They've repurposed Sleestacks just for a Will Ferrel vehicle. I wouldn't mind it as much if Ferrel was playing a dad to two kids like in the TV series, but instead he's with Danny McBride and some woman. Also they shouldn't be bothering to explain the science behind the story in a forty second Super Bowl commercial.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: The shot of Optimus leaping in front of the gigantic steamshovel Decepticon was dripping with awesomeness. Otherwise it was a little underwhelming since they really didn't reveal very much. We get a good shot of Ravage but I don't care for the design. There was too many reaction shots of the human characters. Sam being terrorized by Starscream was neat though.

BTW tonight's episode of The Office was pretty great. I like the new intro too. It's good to see that the entire cast get credited now, even Darryl.


Gabriel said...

I wondered if you saw the ending of The Office, were it shows the promo for next week. Thats gonna be more awkward than I thought. If you didn't TiVo it all, it should show up on the NBC website or hulu.

Jon said...